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About New Face

It originated in Hampton Roads, formerly known as Straight Face Entertainment. New Face Management endeavored to serve college students and organizations across the Hampton Roads area, creating weekly events such as parties, competitions, student center events and social gatherings. New Face served as a safe haven for students to enjoy themselves outside of the classroom with events that catered specifically to the needs of college students.  

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This is Why You Go to College

This book helps and guides young scholars through one of the biggest steps in their young lives which is college. This Is Why shares different personal experiences given by college alumni in all career fields; Doctors, Lawyers, Business Owners, Teachers, world famous DJ’s, and also artists. Sharing gems throughout the read that will benefit the young upcoming scholars in the future, teaching them mainly about connecting, networking, and taking advantage of all opportunities given by taking full advantage of what college has to offer inside and outside the classroom.


Success Without Limitations

The 501C3 nonprofit organization Success Without Limitations Inc, was  formed to create a culturally friendly environment through educational, social, and community programming which will develop leadership and civility amongst our members and the community.

Our Services

We are a management consulting company that will support your business/organization by developing strategies to become successful through networking and proper planning .

Men "Get Pregnant" Too

In many ways, fathers are looked at as subpar parents, but in reality, it is because we allow it to happen. Some fathers expect the mother to do the vast majority of the care for our children. The fact is we created a child together, so it is equally both our duty to care for our child. This book is not only for fathers; it's for all parents. 

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